When an expert opinion counts....

Southernpsychiatry.com is your gateway to expert opinion psychiatric medical reports. It provides a commission free and personalised service to solicitors, occupational health agencies, aeromedical examiners and the general public. Reports are undertaken by Dr Andreas Schenk.

Dr Schenk has been accepting instructions for medicolegal reports as part of his routine daily private practice since 2007 and has had substantial experience compiling reports for aviation industry, employment, fitness to practice, personal injury claims, family law and criminal cases. He has completed over 200 medicolegal reports between 2011 and 2014, thus averaging over 50 reports a year. His diagnoses are made in accordance with American Psychiatric Association DSM-IV-R or International Classification of Diseases ICD-10 as required. Reports are completed in compliance with Civil Procedure Rules Part 35, Criminal Procedure Rule 33 or Disability Discrimination Act as appropriate.

Dr. Schenk has extensive experience in compiling the following types of reports:

- Psychiatry Reports for CAA and other aviation regulatory bodies

- Aviation Psychiatry Assessments

- Occupational Psychiatry Reports for coroporate sector and safety critical workers

- Personal Injury Reports

- Assessment of Mental Capacity

- Employment Tribunal Reports

- Assessment of fitness to plead or stand trial

- Medicolegal reports for civil and criminal proceedings

- Fitness to practice or work reports

-Second Opinion Clinical Reports

- Assessment of fitness to hold a firearm licence

Cost and Timeframe for Medico-Legal Reports

Please contact Dr Schenk's secretary for a quote at: info@southernpsychiatry.com