Class I and II Pilot, Class III ATCO and Cabin Crew Psychiatric Assessments

Dr Andreas Schenk has special experience in assessing as well as treating Aviation Professionals. As an appointed Advisor in Psychiatry to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) he is familiar with the regulatory requirements and provides reports in format required by Aeromedical Examiners (AME's) and Medical Case Assessors at the CAA, FAA and EASA.

Aviation Psychiatry is not a formal subspeciality of psychiatry. It is a specialised branch of general psychiatry practiced by a consultant psychiatrist familiar with the demands placed on professionals in the aviation sector and the complex interplay between health, working conditions, aerospace safety and regulation. Aviation Professionals are not immune to Mental Health difficulties. 1 in 4 British adults experience at least one mental health problem every year.* The good news is that the vast majority of applicants who have had mental health difficulties are still successful in applying for Class I, II or III Medical Certification.

For regulatory purposes it is usually best for Class I and II initial psychiatric assessments to be carried out face to face. Your appointment will take place in a calm, confidential and professional environment. You will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your mental health difficulties, past or present, and how they might affect your Medical Certification. If required, you will also be able to choose the treatment which you feel is right for you. In addition to medication, talking therapy or lifestyle medicine interventions can also be explored as alternatives or parallel treatments. If you have medical insurance, your consultation may be covered.**

Please email or call 07501 911576 to arrange an appointment

*The Office for National Statistics Psychiatric Morbidity report, 2001

** Please check with your Medical Insurer beforehand