Your first step to better mental health...

It can be difficult finding the right help and advice for a mental health problem. Often those around you don't understand what you are going through and you may find it hard to explain. You may be experiencing physical symptoms such as lack of energy, poor concentration and difficulty sleeping. Such symptoms could be interfering with your job and relationships. You may have lost control over your eating. Or your drinking. Or you may feel wound up or irritable all the time. Perhaps you've even lost your pleasure for life and see no hope for the future. So you're thinking it's time to get some professional advice..

Your first step to better mental health is to have an accurate assessment with an experienced psychiatrist who will evaluate your difficulties from medical and psychological points of view before recommending treatment. Dr Andreas Schenk is one such psychiatrist who looks forward to guiding you on your personal road to recovery.

Your appointments will take place in a calm, confidential and professional environment. You will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your problem and choose the treatment which you feel is right for you. If medication is not your style, talking therapy or lifestyle medicine interventions can also be explored. And if you have medical insurance, your consultation should be covered.*

Dr Schenk works together with a broad network of mental health professionals in Dorset and Hampshire. His professional areas of expertise include: 

Aviation Psychiatry

Occupational Psychiatry

Anxiety and Panic Disorders


Eating Disorders


Bipolar Mood Disorder

Personality related difficulties 

Work related stress 

Chronic Fatigue / ME 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / OCD 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / PTSD 

Sleep Disorders / Insomnia

Medico-Legal Support 

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*The psychiatric assessments and services provided by Dr Andreas Schenk are recognised and approved by major medical insurers such as AXA PPP and BUPA. You are, however, advised to always confirm your eligibility directly with your insurance company before each appointment.